Green Carpet Interviews
Green Carpet Interviews
Episode 4 - Stephanie Dreyer | Vegan Meal Planner

In this episode of Green Carpet Interviews we are joined by Stephanie Dreyer, a plant-based meal planning expert, who shares her journey of being a vegan in a non-vegan family and how she developed a unique system to meal prep for families with mixed dietary needs. Stephanie discusses the challenges she faced and the compromises she made while staying true to her values. She highlights the importance of setting ground rules and finding common ground to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Stephanie also explains her strategic approach to meal planning, considering time constraints and individual preferences. She delves into the benefits of her plant core meal ideas and the concept of batch cooking, providing practical tips and guidance for busy parents. With a focus on family-friendly recipes and a flexible approach, Stephanie’s *Vegan Dinner Club stands out as a resource that empowers families to create delicious and nutritious meals while accommodating diverse dietary choices.

*Vegan Dinner Club was previously known as Batch Cooking Club!
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